Human Design is a powerful tool that can remind you of your gifts and uniqueness so that you can fully embody who you came here to be.

As a Human Design Reflector, Mentor and Certified Specialist, I have a unique approach to helping you understand yourself better through the lens of Human Design.


Have you just found Human Design?

Unsure what to do next?
Where to go?
How to understand it?

As a 5/1 Reflector in Human Design
Let me show you who you truly are!

Human Design is an extraordinary and empowering system that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. Imagine a personalised cosmic blueprint that guides you towards unlocking your full potential, like a roadmap to your most authentic and fulfilling life. It's a remarkable fusion of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, all designed to help you discover the true essence of who you are.

In this beautifully positive journey, Human Design allows you to embrace your strengths and weaknesses without judgment. It reminds us that we are all a magnificent tapestry of energies, each contributing to the greater symphony of humanity. It's a tool for self-discovery that encourages us to understand our inner workings, our life purpose, and our unique way of interacting with the world.  

The excitement in Human Design lies in the realisation that we are not meant to be one-size-fits-all. Instead, we're encouraged to dance to our own rhythm, making decisions and choices that resonate with our individual design. It provides a supportive framework to align with our true nature, fostering greater self-acceptance and a sense of belonging in the universe.  

Human Design can be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, helping you recognise your talents and passions, and leading you towards a life filled with purpose and positivity. So, embark on this remarkable journey, and let your Human Design illuminate the path to the best version of yourself, one that's vibrant, joyful, and uniquely you!


And when you are ready to know more about your unique blue print, then reach out to me.

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Each Human Design type has a unique role to play in the world. Embracing your type and understanding your strategy is a pathway to living a more authentic and fulfilling life. Remember that everyone has their own special contribution to make, and Human Design can help you uncover and appreciate your innate gifts and talents.

Reflectors make up 1% of the population

Reflectors are the mirrors of the world. They are highly sensitive to their environment and reflect the energy and dynamics around them. This unique ability allows them to be astute judges of character and situations. When a Reflector embraces their sensitivity and intuition, they become valuable for assessing and improving the communities they are a part of.

Manifestors make up 9% of the population

Manifestors are the initiators, the visionaries, and the catalysts of the world. They possess an innate ability to make things happen, often by following their inner impulses. When a Manifestor embraces their true nature, they can inspire and lead others to achieve great things. Their power lies in their ability to manifest their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.

Projectors make up 20% of the population

Projectors are the wise observers and guides. They possess an incredible ability to see patterns and understand people on a profound level. Projectors excel in offering guidance and wisdom to others, making them great leaders and mentors. When a Projector honors their unique perspective, they can help people navigate life's complexities with grace and insight.

Generators make up 35% of the population

Generators are the builders and creators. They have a deep well of life force energy within them, allowing them to put in sustained effort and work hard toward their goals. When a Generator is doing what they love and following their passion, they become a force of unstoppable productivity. Their fulfillment comes from living authentically and in alignment with their passions.

Manifesting Generators make up 35% of the population

Manifesting Generators combine the qualities of both Manifestors and Generators. They are quick to initiate and take action like Manifestors, yet they thrive when they follow their gut response, like Generators. Their energy is highly adaptable and versatile. When a Manifesting Generator trusts their intuition and finds a balance between initiating and responding, they can be powerful change-makers who bring innovation and efficiency to their endeavors.



You've received your reading, or have been navigating Human Design for awhile but want assistance with learning to read your own chart.

These sessions are specialised coaching and mentor sessions.

Whether you are looking for someone to help you find hidden treasures, or you need some Reflector Reflections support.
$A140 p/h


This is a 60 minute reading.

This session covers the most important parts of your human design chart and explains your human design type, strategy, authority and centres.

AU $180


This is a  90 minute reading.

This session goes into more detail about your human design chart. We go through your type, strategy, authority, profile, gates and channels in your chart. The session is tailored to your needs and we cover anything you specifically have questions about and want to dig deeper into.

AU $330


You've found Human Design for yourself, and you've put your partner's details in and now are unsure of what to do with this information.

 Then a composite chart reading is for you!  

Learn the energy dynamics between you and your spouse, romantic partner, business partner, parent, child, sibling, best friend . . .  In this reading, we take two personal Human Design charts and combine them into one.  

We explore the compatibilities, harmonies, and balances in the energetic foundations of the relationship, as well as possible areas of challenges ... AND what to do about them.



90-minute Family  Human Design reading including my preparation work prior.

 This session is for a family unit, consisting of 2 parents and up to 3 children.  

Learning your family dynamic and how to use Human Design in your daily life enables you and your family to thrive and evolve on a deeper level or understanding and love.

In our 90 minutes together, we will uncover the two main tools we can learn from your Human Design chart: Strategy and Authority.  Knowing your Strategy (and your child’s) will help you to work with your natural life force energy, your preferences for interacting with others, resting / replenishing and engaging with the world.

AU $550


In these sessions we take a deep dive into your journey of Matrescence, through the lens of Human Design.

These are advanced sessions and we go DEEP.

*More information coming soon

From AU $140


When you want more and are in need of personal healing, personal growth and real depth into your design, plus personal coaching and intuitive work, then a Soul Session with me is on offer.

1:1 Intensive SOUL Sessions

This is where we get really into it, and into YOUR soul purpose, your Incarnation Cross. We explore the Gene Keys and your Primary Health System.

3 x 60 minute sessions allow you to dig deeper into your human design and work on strategies to live more aligned to your unique design. We work with your open centres to release conditioning and limited beliefs that prevent you from truly following your design.  

These sessions are intended to help you deep dive into specific aspects of your chart that you want to work with to enable yourself to live authentically according to your type and strategy.

The benefit of having a personalised coach means you can ask as many questions as you like and learn more about you and your design as you go.  

Prerequisites: You must have had at least an Introductory session with me before booking a coaching session or had a reading done with another specialist.