(Conscious connected) Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a returning to love, a returning Home.

When we breathe each breath fully, consciously, and with the inhale and exhale connected, something powerful occurs that allows us to release and resolve any emotions, belief systems and memories that are often inaccessible through other methods.

This type of breathing is the power behind Rebirthing Breathwork.  

In a rebirthing breathwork session we breathe beyond the basic need or desire for survival, which creates a bridge between all the inner levels of our being and our conscious mind.

This offers the breather the opportunity to improve ones health & well-being through the lasting transformation and change that real healing requires.

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

REBIRTHING BREATHWORK is a specific practice of conscious connected breathing that can bring you to deep and lasting inner shifts in a way that is at once real, gentle and strong.

This deep process is both supportive and expansive, enabling you to be more you - more relaxed, confident and at ease in yourself and in your life, as You.

Each session is a safe and sensitive setting, a process that makes you your own Healer, and a Leader in your own life. No one else can do these things for you, and nor should they.

Conscious Connected Rebirthing Breathwork can be practised in individual and group settings, as well as on your own (in time, after you have completed a private 10 session series) - each having its own benefits, all helping you to gently unravel the inner patterns and trauma’s (especially primal, birth, pre-verbal and childhood trauma’s) that have been holding you back. 

Are you ready for a journey that is truly your own - the journey into your own pure self ? 

Why is this practice known as Rebirthing?

Your cells hold the memory of your life, from preconception and even through your genetic history or ancestral lineage (now being verified by science).

At the time of your birth, the moment that you are born into, all the elements that make that moment set the tone for the quality of your breath - the emotional state, the environment, the 'way' you are born, the people present and the history that led to the moment. 

Your breath pattern - the imprint of the way you are breathing - is an imprint of all this 'information', and the way you breathe is the way you live your life.

As you keep breathing in this adopted pattern, you reinforce the associated beliefs and patterns - great when those patterns are supportive, but even when we outgrow them , if we don’t shift our breath we can find our selves stuck behaving in ways that no longer fit or benefit us. Being gentle with ourselves we remember that these patterns arose out of strategies, beliefs and behavioural patterns that helped us to feel safe and nourished in our primal formative years, that helped us make sense of a world that is often overwhelming at the very least. This can be further compounded by our experiences in our early years, that serve to embellish on our primal patterns, impacting our breath further and further shaping our neural connections - which often looks like more deeply entrenched fears and and a (seemingly) more rigid inner state.

Change the pattern of your breath and you can rewire your brain, clear your cellular memory, and bring change into your life - this you can consider to be your rebirth, and you can have many. 

Think of it as an inner reboot

Give yourself some time, time listen, experience and trust your inner knowing.

Connect to your inner guidance.

Connect to the power of YOUR BREATH.

You will be supported through complimentary mindset, self acceptance, self awareness and deep reflection techniques. These are carefully selected so that you can see the impacts, benefits and empowering shifts that you are creating for yourself, and create for yourself results that stick.  

This technique will help you to unravel old stories, release old ties and live beyond your triggers.  

It is not unusual to see these shifts gently trickle out through your relationships, family, working and social lives, for as you "unhook" you create the opportunities for others to do the same. 

This is an invitation for you to transform in a very real way...

... from the inside, while you create deeper connections and greater resonance between your inner and outer worlds.

Not a bunch of sugar coated promises, this is deep real work that asks for your full presence, and gifts you your Self.  

You will be integrating your shadow - unacknowledged, hidden and overwhelmed parts of self - healing primal and early developmental trauma’s that set the pattern of your breath - which shows up in the way you think, feel and experience life and your self.

All of this is able to be integrated. You are able to create healing and change for your self, gentle, loving and lasting. 

3 Session Pack


(valid 3 months, approx 2hrs per session)



(approx 2 hours)



(Valid 6 months. approx 2hrs per session) Upgrades from Single Session or 3 Session Packs available after your first session

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All sessions are prepaid and require 24hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Sessions cancelled within 24hrs are charged at the full fee rate - thank you for your understanding!


Sessions are predominately in person at either my home studio here in Petrie, or at your location. Online sessions are also available.

Sessions last approx. 2hrs, including intake and debriefing. You will also receive tools and practices to support you between sessions and further your integration. Allow an extra 30 mins for your initial session. It’s a good idea not to have to rush into the ‘next thing’, give yourself time and honour the work you are doing with your self. It’s not quick, and that is a good part of why it works. Your body (especially your nervous system) and mind deserve and need time to relax, heal and integrate. More importantly, if the shifts you create for yourself are to ‘stick’, time is your friend. After all, you’ve probably already tried a few quick fixes……

You can start with 1 or 3 sessions as you assess whether this modality is right for you, and whether we are a good fit for each other. We aim to hold sessions 1-2 weeks apart to maintain the full momentum of your healing process, and keep your ego/thinking mind out of the way. We can spread them out more if needed. From there it is recommended to complete a full cycle of 10 sessions (inclusive of the initial sessions, as long as we keep the timing on track, with no more than 1 month between sessions). You can jump right in and commit to 10 sessions from the start, fully committing to yourself and the process. Commitment to you is magic!

On completion of the full 10 session cycle, you will be well equipped to keep using conscious connected breathwork in your life, As well as having made some significant changes in the ways you experience yourself, your relationships and the world. You can join us for group breathing sessions (highly recommended - there is always more to learn about you!), and can also do further sessions as and when you need - such as around your birthday, for support in a challenging time, when you need clarity around something, expanding into new life possibilities, personal healing support, or simply a desire to go deeper.

Rebirthing can be equated to the “Yin Yoga” of breathwork. It’s a slower, more subtle way of using conscious connected breath to access states of connection, relaxation, bliss, and to release physical and emotional pain and trauma.

 In more “yang” style breathwork sessions, cathartic releases and screaming are relatively common.

Rebirthing Breathwork sessions are typically slower and gentler, and screaming is not a common feature of a rebirthing session. While some clients may prefer the more instantaneous release of other breathwork styles such as Holotropic or Shamanic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork is perfect for those who are looking for a more gentle approach to their sessions and their releases, noting that Rebirthing is not always gentle either. (As a side note, the Founder of Holotropic Breathwork, Stanislav Grof, was a client of Rebirthing Breathwork Founder Leonard Orr).  

In some Rebirthing sessions the client may feel as though nothing much has “happened” other than that they feel extremely relaxed. In the days or weeks following a session or a series of sessions, they may feel big changes in how they react to a situation in their lives, or they may notice that something that used to bother them doesn’t anymore. The changes that can occur from a consistent Rebirthing Breathwork practice are often subtle yet significant, and permanent. 

Rebirthing Breathwork can bring a number of different emotions, memories and situations to the surface, depending on what is accessed during that session. Common post-session feelings are:
Relaxation - feeling more relaxed than you have in a long time, or ever!
Total bliss, clarity and alignment  
Frustration (this is a big one - and you know the session is working its magic if this one comes in!)

Rebirthing Breathwork can act as a catalyst for life changes, due to its slow, gentle nature of releasing and letting go. It’s like water flowing along a river bed. Over time it will pry free sand, stones and pebbles (small thoughts, beliefs, traumas), and occasionally, entire rocks and boulders will come free. In the same constant and gentle way as water flowing over rocks, rebirthing breathwork will help to clear your inner stream of emotions, thought patterns, old beliefs and stagnancy, as well as shifting physical pain and emotional trauma. 

Rebirthing Breathwork is a deceptively simple technique that assists your body to process big emotions and to have deep emotional, mental and physical release. A session may bring old memories and pain to the surface, and working with Rebirthing requires a commitment from you to proactively work with and integrate what arises in each session.

Engaging in a series of Rebirthing Breathwork sessions is likely to lead to changes in your life and in the way you respond to life’s challenges, however the process of change and transformation can be uncomfortable (whoever said that life is meant to be lived within your comfort zone?!) 

Vertigo - If you have Vertigo, please note that Rebirthing Breathwork may exacerbate your symptoms in the short term and that participation in Rebirthing is not recommended. If you proceed, you do so knowing your Vertigo symptoms may increase during the course of treatment.

 Other conditions to be mindful of:  
Heart conditions, respiratory conditions - Please let me know if you have been diagnosed with any heart or respiratory conditions. It may not impact your ability to participate in a session, but I may offer slightly different techniques to accommodate your condition. It’s important they I am aware of any heart or respiratory conditions so I can appropriately monitor and make necessary adjustments during your session.    

Mental Health conditions - Please let me know if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition including but not limited to schizophrenia, bipolar or multiple personality disorder. 

To prepare for a session, you may wish to set an intention for what you would like to release or invite into your life through your session.

 On the day of your session, it’s preferable that you eat lightly. If you have a full stomach when you breathe you’re more likely to fall asleep! It’s also advisable that you refrain from alcohol or other substances in the 24 hours prior to a session. You must not be under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances during a session.