“The more connected you feel to yourself and the Cosmos, the easier it is to trust in the process of life.”



'Holistic' originates from the Greek word 'holos' which means whole or complete.

 Holistic counselors see issues as part of an interconnected whole made up of the physical body, mental body, emotional body and soul body.

We will not only work with you to deal with the specific issues you present with, we will also explore underlying causes that might be fuelling what you're experiencing. Understanding the potential root causes of an on-going issue means you can then take the necessary steps to a more fulfilling life.


Human Design is a spiritual and personal growth system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system, among others, to provide insight into an individual's unique characteristics, life purpose, and decision-making strategies.

As a highly skilled chart reader, I help you understand your own nature and how you interact with the world, as well as your family.

Human Design promotes self-acceptance and self-love, recognizing that everyone has a unique role to play in the world, and that embracing one's individuality is a powerful act of self-care.


Just like a seed's journey from darkness to the light of day, the way we were born holds a unique significance in shaping the tapestry of our lives.

 Whether we arrived with a gentle whisper or a triumphant roar, our entry into this world sets the stage for the patterns we weave throughout our lifetime.  

Rebirthing Breathwork will help you find a new breath (the pattern of your breath is the pattern of your life) reset your nervous system and clear your mind.  

Experience the power of conscious connected breathing to create inner change, transform the way you think, feel and interact in the world.   

About Me

In a world where we often celebrate clarity and self-assuredness, I am one of those rare souls, a Human Design Reflector, who has discovered her calling in navigating life's complex terrain while never fully knowing myself.

My journey is a remarkable one, spanning nearly three decades of parenting.

It's a journey marked by perpetual feelings of overwhelm, countless moments of losing myself, and, ultimately, finding a profound connection with my innate being.  

At the deepest level of my soul, I am here to nurture women, especially mothers, throughout their journey through life.  But this nurturing goes beyond just the early years of motherhood; it extends throughout the entire voyage.

My journey has been marked by moments of doubt, guilt, and the ongoing struggle of trying to balance my personal identity with the demanding responsibilities of motherhood. Yet, it is precisely these experiences that have uniquely qualified me to guide others.  

My offerings extend far beyond mere advice or guidance; they represent a sanctuary of peace. I invite my clients to let go, without judgment or pressure, and to reconnect with their true selves in a nurturing, supportive, and caring environment.

Through my wisdom and empathy, I am more than just a guide; I become a companion on the path of self-discovery, a soul sister who listens without judgment, and a gentle beacon of hope in the stormy seas of parenthood. 

"I am simply blown away by the profound impact Annie has had on my life. Her deep knowledge of Human Design is nothing short of remarkable. She doesn't just scratch the surface; she dives in with an unparalleled depth of understanding that is awe-inspiring.  
As a new mother, I was overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties. Annie not only provided me with invaluable insights into my Human Design, but she also listened with unwavering compassion and empathy.  Her guidance has been a guiding light through the complexities of parenthood. She helped me uncover my unique strengths and challenges, allowing me to embrace my role as a mother with confidence and grace. I have never met someone who combines such expertise in Human Design with such a warm, nurturing presence.  Annie is a true blessing in life, and I can't recommend her enough to anyone seeking clarity, empowerment, and support as they navigate the beautiful but sometimes challenging path of parenthood"

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